60 capsules


  • Manufactured by: NUTRIVI

100% All-Natural Appetite Suppressant for Weight Loss.  The synergy of this formulation of seven 100% all-natural extracts of green coffee, dandelions, bitter orange, African mango, green tea, cayenne peppers and black peppercorns are blended to provide a safe, effective and sustainable way to suppress your appetite and provide a gradual method to reduce weight in conjunction with a well-balanced healthy diet. TURBO REDUCTOR accelerates fat burning, improves metabolism and reduces the absorption of sugar.


  • Stimulates metabolism, facilitates digestion
  • Reduces cravings, regulates blood sugar level
  • Prevents creation of the new fat cells
  • Increases the amount of energy used by the organism
  • Stimulates the use of the stored fats
  • Reduces sugar absorption

LIST OF ALL-NATURAL INGREDIENTS No Artificial or Synthetic Ingredients such as Ephedrine

Bitter orange extract – standardized for 6% synephrine
Synephrine extracted from the bitter orange belongs to a group of mild stimulants and natural thermogenics (a process where the body burns fat to produce heat) that accelerate metabolism, therefore facilitating weigh loss. It helps to reduce the cravings, stimulates calorie burning and lipolysis (a process that breaks down fat via enzymes). Bitter orange also provides detoxicating and cleansing properties.




African mango extract – standardized for 10% flavones (a type of antioxidant found in plants & fruits.) The active substances influence the levels of so-called ‘weight gain hormones’ – insulin and leptin. By regulating the insulin level it normalizes the blood sugar level which prevents a desire for munching on snacks. Increasing the secretion of leptin (responsible for the feeling of satiety) stimulates the body to use the stored fat and intensify the lipolysis process, causing the body to burn more fat. 



Green coffee extract – standardized for 50% chlorogenic acid. Extract with a high concentration of the active substance – chlorogenic acid which stimulates the organism to use stored fats by decreasing sugar absorption. The presence of polyphenols (micronutrients high in antioxidants) results in antioxidant and anti-inflammatory benefits and stimulates the metabolic activity of the liver.





Dandelion extract – standardized for 5% polyphenols (micronutrients)
Extract from the dandelion’s root promotes the secretion of bile and facilitates the production of digestive juices. It significantly improves the functioning of the digestive system, preventing constipation and gastric retention in the intestines and stomach. The root contains inulin (fine dietary fibers that benefit gut heath) that has an effect similar to a natural yogurt on the intestines but also reduces the intake of calories, blood sugar, and cholesterol levels.



Green tea extract – standardized for 50% catechin (an antioxidant in the family of flavonoids) The extract exhibits a capacity to stimulate metabolism and thermogenesis, therefore it increases the energy-use level and ensures that fats are used as its source. As a result, the body first utilizes the stored fats and prevents storing new ones. Catechin cleanses, vitalizes and provides high ant-oxidant properties, as much as 25-100 times stronger than other antioxidants: vitamin C and E.

Black pepper BIOPERINE® - standardized for 95% piperine Extract from the black pepper with a high amount of the active substance – piperine. As a natural thermogenic piperine increases the thermogenesis process, during which organism produces heat and burns calories, as well as the process of lipolysis – fat tissue burning. According to the latest research piperine disrupts the activity of genes controlling the creation of the fat cells, therefore it contributes to blocking their formation. Piperine improves the digestion processes, has anti-oxidating and oxygenating properties.

Cayenne pepper extract (chili), standardized for 10% of capsaicin The extract contains capsaicin, a compound that increases the thermogenesis in the body. Increased heat emission translates to higher energy use, hence the increase in body cells’ temperature results in faster metabolism and better use of the stored fat. Capsaicin is also responsible for the secretion of dopamine and adrenaline (transmitters of signals in brain cells) affecting the appetite and feeling of hunger. It also exhibits healing properties – it stimulates the production of antibodies, therefore is helpful as a cold prevention.


Green coffee extract 10:1 standardized to 50% chlorogenic acid…….. 50 mg 100 mg
Cayenne peppers 25:1 standardized to 10% capsaicin ………….……. 25 mg 50 mg
African Mango extract 10:1standardized to 10:1 flavones …………….200 mg 400 mg
Green Tea extract 20:1 standardized to 50% EGCG…………………..100 mg 200 mg
Bitter Orange extract 5:1 standardized to 5% synephrine ……………….5 mg 10 mg
Dandelion extract 10:1 standardized to 5% polyphenols ……………… 50 mg 100 mg
Black pepper extract 50:1 standardized to 95% piperine………………. 10 mg 20 mg

Recommended daily dosage: Adults: 2 capsules a day with full glass of water. Do not exceed the recommended daily consumption dose. Caution: A balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle are very important and this preparation should not be used as a substitute for a varied diet and lifestyle that includes exercise.

STORAGE: Store at room temperature, in a dry place, out of reach of small children.

WARNING! Do not use if you allergic to any of the ingredients. Pregnant and nursing women should consult a physician prior to using the product. Not recommended for persons under 18 years old, or by people with coronary diseases, or high blood pressure.