The Synergy of Science and Nature



Larens is a unique brand that offers skincare cosmeceuticals for face and body. It offers innovative products that, considering their ingredients, the production technology and the spectre of effects are a truly revolutionary combination of the achievements of science and brilliance of nature. Their formulations are being created in WellU laboratories under the supervision of the WellU Scientific Council’s scientists and Scientific Partners.


Products that react to the skin’s needs

The aim of the products is focused on maintaining or restoring the correct skin’s functions, as well as to react to the skin’s specific needs. That’s why what Larens has to offer responds so efficiently to the challenges posed by the skin that is aging, allergic, problematic e.g. dealing with atopic dermatitis, acne, psoriasis, or is damaged by harmful external factors. They are perfect in reducing scars of various origins. They are effective as a support tool for the therapies conducted by dermatologists and physiotherapists.


Active ingredient synergy

The basic ingredients of the Larens cosmeceuticals are the Biopeptide Complex – a cocktail of natural fish collagen peptides, obtained by the patented cold extraction method that preserves the heat-sensitive biological nutrients, and the combination with – Liposomal Collagen Complex, the world’s unique fish collagen peptides contained in liposomes. Their properties are synergistically complemented by other, carefully selected active ingredients: BIO-Placenta, Phytodermina Lifting™, SYN®-AKE, Hydromanil™, colloidal silver, Lipout™, liposomal hyaluronic acid, GLA Complex, oils, plant extracts, and others. The formula compositions of each particular product contain the highest quality ingredients, inserted in high (but also optimal) concentrations and combinations that allow mutual synergy.


Innovative formulations, safe for the skin, with measurable effects

Larens cosmeceuticals are an effective, but also non-invasive and safe method to achieve young and healthy looks. The results of their use that are first noticeable by the users are also scientifically proven in research. Innovative formulations, unique, luxurious ingredients, and quickly noticeable, very often spectacular effects reflect in the growing popularity of the brand, and new Larens products are being granted awards at professional and consumer exhibitions in Poland and Europe.